Saturday, October 16, 2010

Religious Hypocrite of the Day - US Army Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy

The hubby and I recently received some chastising from a Christian friend for allowing the bad behaviour of a few in the religious community to tarnish our view of the whole flock.  The hubby wisely countered that "When an organization touts moral authority, it opens itself to scrutiny." 

The problem I see with my friend's argument is that it seems to be the other way around.  I have met very few religious people who actually practice what they preach.  The above mentioned friend is absolutely one of them.  From what I've seen, she lives every moment of her life as a testament to her beliefs.  While I strongly disagree with those beliefs, I can still be impressed by her ability to walk the talk.

But back to the bad apples.  I've lived, gone to school and worked in various environments.  I've also attended a variety of houses of worship.  This has all brought me into direct contact with a lot of people in the religious community.  And I've read the news from around the world which has allowed indirect knowledge of many more.  Very few of them follow the rules as laid out by their own deity.  Some are, in my eyes, minor transgressions such as little white lies.  Others are to the opposite extreme and include pedophilia.  Then there's everything in between.  Sometimes it's things that I have no personal issue with (ie sex before marriage), but are still considered to be sinful under the individual's supposed religious beliefs.

This brings me to US Army Chaplain Lt Col William McCoy.  This gentleman is not only a religious leader (Chaplain), he is also the author of "Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel" in which he provides spiritual guidance for those in the armed services.  This book was endorsed for all military members by Gen Patraeus.

It turns out that Lt Col McCoy and his wife also have a very adventuresome sex life including swinging, threesomes, naked photos posted online, voyeurism, cybersex and masturbation (apparently he wasn't listening to Christine O'Donnell!).  To be perfectly clear, I have no moral objections to anything in this list, but Lt Col McCoy's god DOES. 

How dare he claim to be a spiritual and moral authority while at the same time defying so many of the covenants touted by his god?!?!?!?!

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