Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes Life is Sunshine & Lollipops

I hope to have at least as many positive uplifting posts on this blog as I will have exuberant rants.  After all, I really do love life.  Day to day living can be absolutely awesome!  I'm currently on the second last day of the first real vacation I've had in ages and am loving every minute of it. 

I just returned from horseback riding through the bush and it couldn't have been more enjoyable.  A beautiful sunny warm day with just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away.  I'm fairly new at riding so I'm still working on my core strength and balance, but winding my way through the trees and over logs and crossing the river with the rushing water teaches me so much and builds my confidence.  And the serenity of the forest is amazing.  There were times when there was no sound at all except for the hooves against the ground and the rustle of the tall weeds as we brushed by them.

While out today we saw five deer including a doe and her adorable fawn not more than 10 metres away (That's a little over 30 feet for my American readers.)  They're so used to the horses that they just continue to lie there and watch us pass.  Had we been walking, they most likely would have taken off.  We also saw a giant heron take off from one of the fields - Breath-taking!

After the ride I spent some time with each of the horses sponging them down to clean and cool them.  It's a nice and peaceful way to relax and do a little bonding.  They all have such distinct personalities and can be so affectionate.  We ask so much of them during a ride and they give so graciously that I feel they deserve a good bit of pampering afterwards. 

Speaking of pampering, I think it's my turn.  Are my toes in the mood for Mambo Melon or Electric Purple?  I love the level of decision making while on vacation!  :)

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