Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do You Hear What I Hear?

You know when you look at big fluffy clouds and you see things in them?  Like a dragon...or a unicorn... or Jesus? 
(By they way, I totally took the picture above rather than my usual grabbing from the Internet.)

Apparently I do the same thing with sound waves.  If it's quiet and there is any sort of white noise, I hear music.  My theory is that the sound waves, from for example a fan, head directly to my ear drums, but they also bounce off all the hard surfaces in the room and then these also head to my ear drums at varying times and decibel levels.  My brain then turns all this additional information into music.  (I totally do science!)

It's as if one of the neighbours is having a party and playing music in the distance.  I can make out a beat, a bit of melody, maybe a voice or particular instrument, but it's muffled in such a way that I can never figure out the song and can't make out the words.  I can generally qualify it under a genre.

It drives me absolutely batty!!  If it was one of the neighbours, I could just call them up and tell them to turn down the music, but it's in my head so that isn't an option.  I've tried shifting my head, but that can be just like changing the radio station.  I've even wandered around the house making sure it isn't just a TV left on in another room or something. 

It was particularly bad last night and I was keeping the hubby awake as I told him whenever the music changed.  I can't remember all the genres I went through, but I do remember when it made me think of the music they played on MASH and when it sounded like ABBA and at one point it was kind of country, but with an oboe.  At that point the hubby said that if he listened really hard and stretched his imagination that maybe he could hear the oboe.  With those few words he pulled me back from the edge - It wasn't just me!!

From that conversation I've decided that I'm not completely off my rocker.  I just have a really good imagination.  It's a gift....and a curse!

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